Our HDB, Our Home ,
Together We Paint  Our Future !

A nationwide co-created art project with artist Sun Yu-li

Paint Now!

About HDB Digital Art

The Housing and Development Board (HDB) is embarking on a community art project to bring together the hopes and aspirations of residents and students, on the future of HDB living.

Your inputs, through this art project, will inspire the planning and design of future HDB towns, neighbourhoods, and flats.

A survey was conducted in September 2020 to find out the aspects of HDB living that residents find most important, and the colours and graphics that the majority would associate the future of HDB living with. The outcomes have inspired Artist Sun Yu-li in the design of the master graphic for the project.

Take this chance to paint your vision of the future of HDB living. Choose a theme that is close to your heart, and start painting right away with Sun Yu-li’s one-of-its-kind iconographies!

Your contribution will be woven together with 3,000 other contributions; to be printed on a large canvas and exhibited at the HDB Community Week 2021.

Harmony in community,
active & friendly
Homes and Neighbourhoods
Homes and Neighbourhoods
Designs and facilities that promote
health and well-being
Smart and sustainable living
Smart and Sustainable Living
Eco-living, technology,

What Happens Next?

1 Step 1
1. Choose the theme that is close to your heart, select a canvas, and digitally paint your vision for the future.
2 Step 2
2. Different themes provide you with different colour schemes and symbols, to create your artwork.
3 Step 3
3. Once you are satisfied with your masterpiece, share your inspiration behind your artwork and submit it.
4 Step 4
4. We will stitch all submitted artworks into one big canvas.
5 Step 5
5. The final artwork will be printed on a canvas (20m x 15m) and exhibited in mid-2021.
6 Step 6
6. You will be invited to view the final artwork - see if you can spot your masterpiece, too!

See What Others Have Created!

About Artist Sun Yu-li

Artist Sun Yu-li is one of Singapore's leading architect turned artist, most notably in sculpture, but has since extended his artistic pursuit to doing experiential art in the last 16 years. His sculptures and paintings can be seen in different parts of Singapore, and overseas. Sun has a very distinctive style in his artwork formed over the past 30 years and has developed his own unique ‘universal language’ (‘dot-line-plane’) that made it easy for public’s involvement in the co-creation process. ArtBeatz and Sun Yu-li have worked together for years creating visually impactful works that engage communities in meaningful art creation.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us if you are part of an organisation/ school/ community, and would like to participate as a group!

We will reach out to you as soon as possible. Thank you!